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by Eli

I was working as a 3D artist for the project. I did various shots, and my tasks are including Design/RnD, Simulation, Animation, Shading, Lighting and Rendering.


Faced with the distortions of human nature; the cruelty of fate; against the repression and injustice of all kinds, we let the cries echo in the air. 
Although they are in vain we believe we are not the only ones.
The song name “Lied” (German) is a term used in European classical music to mean Art Song.


Directed by Dick Fai

Song Written by Miu Tham, 
Lyrics by Miu Tham, 
English Lyrics Translation: Sonia Chan
Arranged by eli.

Sun Yu: Vocal, guitar
Miu Tham: Guitar, keyboards 
Benson Koo: Bass
Guttin: Drums
C.Y. Kong: Synthesizer

Produced by: eli, C.Y. Kong, Ken Au
Recorded at: aroom studio
Engineered by: Ken Au
Mixed by: Davy Chan

Post Production by Seesaw
3D by Kachi / Kim